About this site

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Anonymous

Travel will never be overrated. Many of the things you hear about it may sound cliche. But it reflects how travel is an experience that everyone should make time for. Traveling does not have to entail years of saving up and planning. You do not have to make grand plans to make it happen. Exploring unfamiliar places near you is one way of giving in to the wanderlust. There are so many places to see and sometimes all it takes is the willingness to step out and do it.

Corwinfox is a site about a desire to see as many places in the world one trip at a time. It is about awe-inspiring stories found in journeys to unfamiliar destinations. It is about old friends and strangers met on the road. It is about fun, adventures, and wanderings that create unforgettable memories. On this blog you will find tales and tips of vagabonds out to explore the world.