The Types of Friends You’d Love to Travel With


There is something about traveling with friends that makes the experience more fun and exciting. No matter how much you think you know your friends, you end up discovering new things when you travel with them. Every trip becomes an opportunity to catch-up and strengthens your bonds. You probably have many types of friends, but here are among the best ones you’d love to go on a trip with.

The friend who loves to organize and plan

There is always that friend who loves to organize, plan, and make things easier for everyone. Going on a trip with that kind of friend means there’ll be no stone left unturned to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. From booking airline tickets or train tickets, accommodation, and everything else you need, you can rely on the organizer/planner friend to be on top of things.

The friend who loves to eat

The foodie friend will make your food adventures more interesting. This is the friend who has the knack of introducing you to dishes you’ve never tried before. This friend also has the ability to find the best places to eat local cuisines.

The friend you can easily drag anywhere

There is that one friend you can rely on to go anywhere with you if needed. This is the friend who doesn’t let last minute plans or sudden changes ruin the mood. This is a friend who’ll explore places that aren’t on the itinerary with you.

The multi-lingual friend

The multi-lingual friend is either fluent in at least two other languages or know some basic words or phrases to be able to converse with locals. This is the friend who can easily learn some words that would come handy when you’re traveling to places where language barriers can be a problem.

The globetrotter friend

The globetrotter friend is an experienced traveler. This friend will know what to do and can share a lot of information and insights your group might need while on the road. Nothing much can faze this travel-savvy friend. You can rely on him or her to stay calm when travel-related woes make things more complicated and frustrating.

The life of the party friend

The life of the party friend keeps conversations rolling. This is the friend who have a lot of interesting stories to tell and will make up more if needed. You can rely on this friend to keep your trip fun with lots of laughter thrown in.